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Introducing The World’s First 

“Video Spokesperson” Creator Software


Brand-new point and click software help you MAXIMIZE your video production

by creating professional spokesperson videos with dozens of customizable options in a matter seconds…

World’s #1 Spokesperson Software Built By Marketers For Marketers

Produces Amazing HD Commercials Ready To Sell (Or Use Yourself) For $100’s Of Dollars Each

100% Cloud-Based. Nothing To Install. Ever!

Featuring Over A Dozen Different Spokespersons, Even Includes Todd Gross

Dozens Of Videos, Backgrounds, Lower Thirds Graphics, Soundtracks And More At Your Fingertips

Includes All The Hot Topics Such As Facebook, E-commerce, Local Business Videos, Amazon, And More

Say Goodbye To Working With Difficult Designers & Spokespersons!

For A Limited Time Only Get Complete

Access To EZ Spokesperson Creator For

A Fraction Of The Public Price



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87% Of All Online Marketers Use Video Content…

We are living in the age of video.  It is an incredibly compelling way to engage and sell online.  

Videos make sales and people are asking for it.

78% of people online are watching videos every week

55% of people watch videos online EVERY DAY

Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product from an online retail site  after watching a video

In 2015 half of all mobile traffic was spent viewing videos

Just one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million written words

But Most Video Styles Are Missing

One Critical Element

Sell Your Videos For $100’s Over and Over


Matt’s Videos & Training Are Top Notch


Get Unlimited Access To EZ Spokesperson Creator Now For $67/Month


This Is A Very Time-Limited Opportunity


When you pick this up today, you can start creating videos in literally 90 seconds

that you will be able to sell for hundreds of dollars!
This is an extremely time-limited offer. This is your chance to grab lifetime access at one low price.

Future buyers will be required to pay monthly.

This is a life-changing opportunity. You will have the potential to make 10x your

investment  from just one sale…


EZ Spokesperson Creator - Developers



Enter Coupon Code EZ3 To Save $3 Off (Commercial License) At Checkout



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World’s #1 Spokesperson Software Built By Marketers For Marketers




Your 24/7 automated super

cheap traffic finder


Dear Marketer,

If you’re not using YouTube in your marketing – today is your wake up call.

YouTube it arguably the largest relatively ‘untapped source’ of free traffic, leads and customers on the planet.

And if you do it right – you can be getting 10,000’s of views, leads and sales per day for free

Facebook traffic costs are shooting through the roof, ranking in search engines has never been harder

But YouTube is the “untapped” hidden gem in the rough – the unicorn of massive traffic

How To Get Free Organic Views – YT Gorilla Diamond Review

“Introducing YT Gorilla – Your 24/7 automated super cheap traffic finder”

Instantly see ANY video keywords – Enter, point, click and done – It happens within seconds

and find high-value videos – Simply email the owner with the cut and paste template we give you

(Most YouTube owners have no clue about the value of their channel

Spy Alert System – YT Gorilla spies 24/7 on ANY video – and lets you know the movers and shakers

Works with any video in any niche – Use it to rank videos for your own products and services

rank client’s videos and generate money as an affiliate if you don’t have your own product

Enter your keyword or channel name and hit ‘submit’– Instantly quick results!

Select “amount of views” to get the most popular videos

saves you 100s of hours compared to manually doing this

Instantly shares all videos info, keywords, and descriptions.

You can just hit URLS” and save them all to the file

Hot TIP – For Local business: Charge clients a monthly retainer to give them the

most popular videos in their niche each month. (We supply the cut and paste template)

Auto video Tracker Any video you want to monitor, you just click “Add Alert”, set

how many views in X amount of days and it will automatically alert you in your browser

Viral Videos Alert – Here’s a good tip – Enter keywords like famous names or celebrities that

are always in the news. When videos go viral copy the keywords and make your own video or contact

owner to put your link underneath it

Set Your Criteria – YT Gorilla is fully customizable meaning you can set the alert to only

“trigger’ when a certain amount of views have been reached in a certain time period.

Imagine if you had to do this manually…

Automatic Instant Browser Alert – Alerts will appear in your browser

automatically when the criteria have been reached.

Image result for get instant access button

YouTube has over 1 BILLION Users – 33% of everyone online uses YouTube

It has incredible reach and is only getting bigger.

Super cheap + Free Traffic – Compared to FB, Yahoo, and Bing, Youtube traffic is

super-cheap and when done right you can get tons of free traffic

Hyper-targeted – YouTube Users search very specific items. It’s one of the most

targeted community-based hangout places on the planet for any niche

Video is very engaging – Video is a more powerful and engaging way to attract viewers

than a boring email or traditional ad

The Future is Video – Video is becoming the way we communicate

iPhones, Smart TV’s Tablets – it’s all video

YT Gorilla - Diamond

We look forward to seeing you using YT Gorilla.

Your unique QR code

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Introducing Youtube Gorilla Your 24/7 automated super cheap traffic finder



Your Website Is Repelling Visitors

Without You Even Knowing It


WP Domination Secrets – Special Offer

reviews +$5000 Bonus +50% Discount


I remember slapping the side of my laptop… hoping to make my website load faster.

Obviously… it didn’t work.

The thing is, the load time on my website was so slow, it was actually repelling visitors.

I didn’t think much of it at first but after checking my stats, I noticed my sales were WAY down.


Simple – people were trying to visit my site, but since it took so long to load…

… they quickly backed out and went somewhere else.


In fact, it’s why big companies like CNN and Yahoo use the same strategy I’m about to show you to

make their websites rank better with SEO and instantly load at lightning speeds.

See, when you have a website that takes forever to load, it kills any SEO efforts you’re spending time and money on.

What’s worse is, it’ll start driving your revenue down the drain.

That means, if your website isn’t running at optimal speeds, 24/7, you are essentially shooting

yourself in the foot and working backward.

The crazy thing is, you might not even know how much damage your site is taking due to slow loading time.

The truth is, if you’re not seeing very many sales from your website currently, chances

are good that it’s because it’s loading poorly.

There are 2 primary reasons for this!



Reason #1:

Like I said, I’ve experienced this first-hand (and it almost crippled my business).

It got so bad, I felt like I was just throwing money away when I tried doing SEO or Facebook Ads: nothing converted!

At first, I thought maybe it was the copy, or the page design, or even my traffic.

But it wasn’t.

After spending hours banging my head against the wall, trying my best to figure out what the heck was going on… I finally did it!

I installed one simple plugin on my WP websites, and my profits took a complete 180!

Immediately, I again, without having to re-do all my sites (phew!)

After about 3 months of struggling to fix the problem, I finally felt like I dodged a bullet.

Once my websites started loading super-fast, sales started to trickle in again…

Thankfully, I was able to discover the real problem behind the lack of sales.

You won’t have to do all of the hard work I did, though.


You won’t need to spend days or even months binging on coffee and Adderall

trying to make your website load faster.

Reason #2:


The code and database of your website aren’t optimized in the right way and

things aren’t where they need to be.




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Here’s why…


Watch the video of how quick & easy WP Speedy PRO is to set up and use (3-min video):

After years of owning our own websites and relying on them as our sole sources of income, my

friend Satish and I have combined forces and put together WP Speedy PRO.

WP Speedy PRO is a simple WordPress Plugin that automatically does all the hard work for you

and gives your WordPress sites a turbo boost.

There’s no coding, analyzing or “figuring things out” – with this revolutionary new plugin, you’re

able to easily plug and play.


Pretty crazy, isn’t it?


WP Speedy PRO was originally going to sell for $497.

And why not?


It cost over $25,000 to develop, and it’s worth every penny.

Just think about it, if you were able to attract thousands of visitors to your website and convert MORE of those

visitors because of your load time, you could easily make back the $497.

Other Content Delivery Network services like the one provided by WP Speedy PRO will charge

you $40/mo or even more. (And there are TONS of people paying $100/mo+ and they are VERY happy

to sacrifice that much for the sake of their website!)

But lucky for you, WP Speedy PRO won’t cost you that much.

In fact, it won’t even cost half of that.

For the next 7 days only, you’ll have the opportunity to in WP Speedy PRO for pennies

on the dollar, compared to other similar services.

To make it even better, you can use it on up to 5 domains!

All of that, with NO complicated tech setup and NO prior experience required to use

this point-and-click simple WordPress plugin.

Which of these 2 plans works better for you?


Plan #1 – You can access WP Speedy PRO for only $27 per year;

Plan #2 – Most popular option – lets you save 42% and access WP Speedy PRO for only $47 per 3 years.


How much is WP Speedy PRO?

One-Year License

WP Domination Secrets - Special Offer


Three-Year License


WP Domination Secrets - Special Offer - Best Value


You Are Backed By Our No-Questions-Asked Refund Policy


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subscriber to GreenSalesDotme Newsletter!

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Your Website Is Repelling Visitors Without You Even Knowing It


Stuck trying to create your own product to sell?

“Announcing a Brand New, Done-For-YouPrivate Label Rights

Package You Can Sell As Your Own And

Keep 100% Of The Profits!

** Limited Time Only! Don’t Miss Out! **


I’d Like To Proudly Introduce You To…

“Facebook Ads Authority”:


Discover How To Use Facebook Ads To Get More Leads, Build Brand

Awareness And Make More Sales


Comes Complete With Private Label Rights!




This product isn’t just another “101 tips” type of eBook; it’s a full-blown course containing supplemental cheat sheets,

supplemental cheat sheets, mindmap, and resources so that your customers can take action

on the course, rather than leaving it to collect dust.

And don’t forget, it’s all done for you!


Expect To Receive The Highest Quality

PLR Product In The Market



This product isn’t just another “101 tips” type of eBook; it’s a full-blown course containing supplemental cheat sheets

 mindmap and resources so that your customers can take action on the course, rather than leaving it to collect dust.

And don’t forget, it’s all done for you!

 Here are a few top reasons why you

need to grab this PLR package


High-Quality Content. Copyscape Passed 100%.

Rest assured knowing that the content produced is original and not plagiarized, recycled or copied.

We use native U.S. writers only!

Professionally Designed Graphics And Web Page

Includes eCovers, minisite, buttons, check marks and banner graphics. PSD, JPG & PNG files included

Quick & Easy To Setup

Simply modify a few details, upload and you’re done! We’ll even provide you with step-by-step instructions.

Complete Sales Page & Landing Page Included

All the sales materials are done for you. Just add your order button and autoresponder code!

Checklist, Resources & Mindmap Included

It’s not enough just to have an eBook – You need accompanying actionable checklist and resources.

Keep 100% of The Profits!

As you’ll be the owner of this product, you get to keep 100% of the sales plus any leads you generate.

Image result for get instant access button


18 Smart Ways To Use This PLR Product

  • GIVE IT AWAY AS A BONUS when your customers buy through your affiliate link. Bonuses have proven to convert prospects into paying customers! Skyrocket your sales using this tactic!
  • INCREASE THE VALUE of your existing product for more sales. You can do this by offering this PLR product as a bonus to your existing product. Customers ALWAYS love it when you over-deliver!
  • Use the content to POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA profiles to re-engage your followers. What better way than to simply swipe some content out of the PLR and share it on social media! It brings engagement and establishes you as an authority.
  • SPLIT THE CONTENT and post to your blog so readers have a reason to come back to your blog. Again, it’s as easy as swiping some content and putting it on your blog. More readers = more sales.
  • RE-PURPOSE the content for OFFLINE USE. Use it for your keynote presentations, turn it into a physical product and sell it at a higher price of $100, $200, even $500, it’s up to you!
  • Use it in your COACHING PROGRAM. Use the PLR contents as part of your curriculum when training your students.
  • CREATE A 7 DAY E-COURSE. for your newsletter subscribers. Build trust and pre-sell your list by offering tips via your autoresponder.
  • Split the eBook into 2-3 SEPARATE EBOOKS. The eBook you get in this PLR package is approx. 60 pages, which could easily be split into 2-3 smaller reports.
  • Add it as a UPSELL or one time offer in your funnel. Don’t have an upsell yet? Offer the PLR product and double your profits easily!
  • Split the content into 52 PARTS, which gives you A YEAR’S WORTH OF CONTENT. delivered once a week!
  • TRANSLATE the content to other languages, enabling you the power to reach a wider, less saturated market!
  • INTEGRATE the product on your JV partner’s sales page as a special bonus or on their download page!
  • Add the product to your paid MEMBERSHIP SITE so you can retain and keep them active, paying members!
  • Re-purpose the content into audio or video format!
  • Add more valuable MEAT to your existing product by adding the content from this PLR product to yours!
  • Re-write, re-brand, re-title, customize, manipulate and change the product the way you’d like or simply sell it as is! It’s your choice!
  • Sell the read-only, resell rights or master resell rights to this product for 100% of the profit!
  • Even if you have no plan or desire to resell this product, you’ll get a ton of value out of what’s shared in the guides!


Grab These Amazing Bonuses

When You Take Action Now!


Quickstart Guide


12 Step-By-Step Video Tutorials


PLR Training Camp – 2 Hour Video Training Course





Facebook Ads Authority PLR Package:

Facebook Ads Authority - Done-For-You PLR Package


My 100% Rock-Solid Money Back Guarantee To You


Honestly, if you’re not fully delighted and thrilled with the PLR package, simply request a full refund

within 30 days of your purchase, and still keep access to all the material, with my compliments!

Just send a ticket here. That’s how absolutely certain I am that you will find tremendous value from this package.

No questions asked. No hard feelings. You really have nothing to lose.

P.S. – With a complete PLR package including a comprehensive eBook on a hot topic

sales materials, graphics, email swipes, and big bonuses, you’ve got everything you need to start selling it for profit!

The only thing left for you to do is take action and make your investment right now.

Click here to get instant access!


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Proudly South  African!

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Discover How To Use Facebook Ads To Get More Leads, Build Brand Awareness And Make More Sales




Boost Conversions, Optins & Sales By

Up To 375% With This Instant page Hack

You Can Use On Any WordPress Page In Seconds


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Introducing WP Conversion Boost


Image result for images for WP Conversion Boost


A powerful new WordPress plugin which you can use to quickly

and easily create unlimited personalized landing pages for your advertising campaigns.

The whole process has been simplified and the user-friendly interface makes it extremely

easy to edit and customize with minimum effort.

As well as being able to use the built-in shortcode generator to substitute any text for your chosen keyword

phrases, the plugin also includes browser and geolocation features so it can detect and display the

city, country, and region where each visitor is located. It comes with detailed training and can be used with

paid advertising campaigns to dramatically increase your conversion rates. The special launch discount and

WP Conversion Boost bonus will not last long, so get your copy today and start boosting your profits.

This Instant Page Hack  Can Be Can

Used On Any WordPress Page In Seconds!



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Create Conversion Boosting Landing Pages Without Building Duplicating a Single Page




Still keeping track of your business records ‘by hand?’
Get the world’s #1 best web app that saves you time & money

Did you know?

When you’re busy shuffling through papers, searching inside folders, looking for information…

…You’re actually WASTING TIME AND MONEY!

Just when you thought your paper clutter was finally organized… You realize, “I’m still bogged down!”

All that downtime quickly adds up to countless hours of:

– LOST productivity

– MISSED sales opportunities

– LATE call-backs

– POOR first impressions

– UNANSWERED customers

– PISSED-OFF coworkers

The truth is, the ‘pen and paper’ method is NO WAY to run your business. Keep reading…






Our accountant thought their numbers were accurate. When we ‘ran her math’ through Excel.. we found

a $4,000 discrepancy!! With this new browser-based software, all our sales are recorded properly

and I can finally sleep well at night knowing that my hard earned $$ can never go missing.

– Robert J. (Provo, UT)

– No accounting experience necessary

– This software is very easy to use

– Works on all browsers


PoodlePay! is the perfect 
customer relations & accounting app

for all kinds of business owners, including (but not limited to)…

Point. Click. Done!

Perfect for computers,

tablets & smartphones.

Get started in > 5 minutes!

The price will increase when the countdown timer expires –

don’t risk overpaying while supplies last!

Image result for get instant access button

Increase your productivity & boost profits

Save $ on lost merchandise and missed sales

Keeping track of revenues, expenses, inventory & customers is no easy feat.

When you add up all the time you spend shuffling through paperwork

(journals… loose leafs… sticky notes…)you waste as much as 30% of your productive

time on unproductive tasks!

What if you could have everything in one place?

Well, now you can, with PoodlePay!

Just because every computer has spreadsheets software, does not mean it’s easy to use!

Are you tired of adding up numbers using a calculator and complicated formulas?

Ditch the traditional ‘pen and paper’ method for something more advanced.

PoodlePay! will give you full financial reports based on your exact figures.

Improve your financial reporting & compliance

– “How much product is left until you have to restock?”

– “Which items should you discontinue?

– “Are my employees stealing from me?”

Questions like these keep many business owners up at night.

When everything is properly recorded, you can rest easy knowing that every penny is accounted for.

You will love PoodlePay! guaranteed or your money back (keep scrolling)…

Poodle Pay Review Demo


Order with confidence!

If you’re unhappy with the PoodlePay! software for any reason whatsoever, simply

contact our in-house Support Team. We are committed to resolving your issue within 24 hours.

If we are unable to fix your problem within 1 business day, we will refund

your purchase price 100%, no questions asked.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Then try PoodlePay! risk-free for 30 days, and see

how much time you’ll save when you’re no longer shuffling through loose sheets of paper journals

and sticky notes, just to find an important piece of information!


Try PoodlePay! right now 
RISK-FREE for 30 days!

PoodlePay! Point-Of-Sale System - Single-Store Business License - 3 Year


FREE Bonus #1

his supplementary training course will help you put the basic software training videos to

use, by showing you how you can make up to $2,000 per day with PoodlePay!

FREE Bonus #2

This VIPs-Only Live Webinar will be hosted multiple times throughout

November, allowing you to pick a date and time that’s most convenient for your schedule.

FREE Bonus #3

We’ve included a handful of money making tools that you can use to help yourself to massive profits online.





Image result for get instant access button

And remember:

We eliminated every obstacle off your path, so you can try PoodlePay! right now.

Your purchase is fully backed by a risk-free 30-day money back refund guarantee so you can relax as you get started.

Please follow our quick & easy video tutorials after you make your purchase avoid any confusion.

If our support agents can’t fix your problem… we’ll refund you in full.

That’s our honest promise + a legally binding agreement with you.

Thank you for requesting to be a

subscriber to GreenSalesDotme Newsletter!

Proudly South  African!

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In 3 Easy Steps


We’ve NEVER Been As Excited As By What’s
Happening In The Market RIGHT NOW

Today’s MASSIVE Consumer Shift Can Make You Effortless Profits

Two VERY dynamic things are happening in the market today.


Social media is exploding and growing at a rate never seen before.


Videos have become THE most preferred type of content online.

NEITHER of these are fads or trends. Both video and social media are here to

stay, and gaining momentum every single day.

This Means A VERY Profitable
For Smart Marketers


Video InstaFolio Demo



Businesses and marketers are NOT dumb. They KNOW video out-converts any other type of content.

They KNOW video posts get shared up to 1200% MORE on social media than other

type of content.

But what they don’t know … is HOW to profit from it.

That’s where YOU come in. By providing video creation and marketing services to a literally 

An unlimited market, even if you never create a video yourself.

When you combine video with social media marketing,
you can pretty much WRITE YOUR OWN PAYCHECK


Image result for get instant access button


We saw the countless “business-in-a-box” opportunities flooding our space.

and wanted to be the first to provide a 100% COMPLETE solution that lets YOU cash in, by simply

delivering what businesses are LINING UP to pay for…

Then charge a FRACTION of what you’d expect to pay for anything even approaching what’s

included here.


You Need Is Included:

The Products & Services:


You’ll be shown how to create videos for clients using software’s you already own

 or how to  OUTSOURCE this task if you’d prefer

You’ll unleash the power of video SEO & rank with our help, to provide services you

can charge TOP DOLLAR for on a recurring basis

You’ll discover the most cutting-edge training on the market for driving traffic with FB video

ads – and be able to charge maximum rates providing huge ROI for every campaign your clients run

Forget PLR or ‘business in a box’ plans. This COMPLETE package is YOUR TICKET to

long-term, sustainable online earnings … in literally minutes per day.

Everything you could need – along with the step-by-step training to put it to use – is included.

The ONLY way to fail with this is not to open the package!

With your access to Video InstaFolio today, you get:

Complete training on WHAT video & social media services to offer, how to provide them and how to outsource them!

them and how to outsource them!

A cutting edge WP theme you can customize to showcase your products and services to a massive client base …

base … this next generation theme literally does ALL the selling for you!

Step-by-step video training on how to run PROFITABLE FB video ad campaigns for yourself OR your clients –

clients – delivered by an industry expert who’s built his entire business on this EXACT model.

Industry leading, “exceed your expectations” ongoing support. YOUR SUCCESS is our only concern

and we pride ourselves on customer service.

concern and we pride ourselves on customer service.

Video Conversions And Social Traffic ARE What Will Make You Money. Period.


We’re Not Going To Stop There:


To REALLY make this a complete, all-in-one INCOME solution for you, we’re including

the following fast action bonuses when you take action today:

Fast Action Bonus #1

Video Marketing Training And Setup Webinar

Fast Action Bonus #2

Quick Start Guide

Fast Action Bonus #3

Done-For-You EXPLAINER Sales Video

For your portfolio sites to optimize conversions and show your

prospects EXACTLY what services you can provide

Fast Action Bonus #4

Video Ranking & SEO Training

Fast Action Bonus #5

Video Creation & Services OUTSOURCING Rolodex

A complete list of our TOP PERFORMING video creators you can use to outsource video work too.

We’re including our HIDDEN sources of top video creation and marketing specialists that

overdeliver for ridiculously low prices every time. Use this if you’re after 100% passive

income, simply by outsourcing the services you sell.

Video Instafolio Premium

We wish you the VERY best in your online business success

 and would love to help you achieve the results you deserve.

P.S. No pressure, but please remember the discounted prices mentioned are only available during this exclusive launch.

This is your only chance to access this complete, DFY system for such a low one-time fee.

available during this exclusive launch. This is your only chance to access this complete

DFY system for such a low one-time fee.

P.P.S. Your modest investment is completely risk-free.

You’re covered by our 100% unconditional guarantee and have absolutely nothing

to lose when you take action today.

Thank you for requesting to be a

subscriber to GreenSalesDotme Newsletter!

Proudly South  African!

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Discover the most cutting-edge training on the market for driving traffic with FB video ads

Don’t Exit! You’ll Be Directed To Your Member’s Area In 3 Minutes …

How To Get The MOST Out Of BoltPublisher,
Build Your List INSIDE Of FB And Reach An EXTRA 800

Million Of The Web’s MOST ACTIVE Mobile Users

Watch This Quick Welcome Video 1st!


Tap Into Instant Article’s LATEST FEATURE To
Effortlessly Build Your List INSIDE Of FB


Image result for get instant access button

In very recent months, FB added a new feature to Instant Articles: the ability to include email

signup forms inside your articles. At first, it only invited a handful of corporate giants to participate

including The NY Times and The Washington Post.

More recently, FB decided to allow any publisher to include signup forms. This is obviously a HUGE deal

 because now you can get truly explosive list growth with the world’s largest base of mobile users.

But Once Again, Facebook Dropped The Ball

We thought to publish to Instant Articles was tough.

In comparison, adding opt-in forms is a coding NIGHTMARE.

Absolutely impossible without an experienced programmer or developer to do the work.



Grab ALL The Benefits Of Mobile Traffic
With BoltPublisher Pro:

Free List Building From The
World’s LARGEST Social Platform …
UNLIMITED Traffic From The Web’s Most
ACTIVE Group Of Mobile Buyers

It’s All Waiting For You Inside …


Of course, your investment is covered by the same 100% unconditional guarantee I offered with BoltPublisher.

Pick up the pro version today and I’ll take on all the risk. Give it a try for 30 days.

See how easy it is to build your list inside FB and drive targeted traffic from Apple News.

If at any point you have a technical issue or question, just contact our dedicated support desk.

We’ll have you up and be running in no time flat.

And in the HIGHLY unlikely event, you just don’t think that monetizing the mobile web on

MULTIPLE levels are for you, let us know.

We’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund.

What could be fairer than that?

With Your Exclusive Access To BoltPublisher Pro
You’ll ALSO Receive:




Act Fast For These Two VERY GOOD Reasons


I’m only making this upgrade option available to new purchasers of BoltPublisher.

When the launch special ends, this upgrade offer ends also.

You’ll never be able to access this complete FB list building and

Apple traffic application for such a low price again.


So what are you waiting for? Nothing to lose, and unlimited list growth and traffic from an

The active base of 800 million EXTRA mobile users is waiting …

Click the button below to get instant access to BoltPublisher Pro.

Looking forward to greeting you inside the member’s area.

Get Instant Access
To BoltPublisher Pro Now!

Bolt Publisher PRO Personal License
I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Thank you for requesting to be a

subscriber to GreenSalesDotme Newsletter!

Proudly South  African!

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Build Your List INSIDE Of FB And Reach An EXTRA 800 Million Of The Web’s MOST Mobile Users





WARNING: This is a launch special offer. Price goes up daily and the offer expires on
Monday, 31st of October at 11:59 PM Pacific (Los Angeles) Time

Swipe Empire FB Edition Review-This Swipe Empire Review Reveals The Truth!

Hi there, and I know you want to make money. That’s why you are here.

You want to start to make at least $1000, $2000 or $5000 as soon as possible…

…and get above $10,000 per month quickly.

And you want that to be a consistent income with relatively little work on your part.

You also want to be confident that the actions you take today will lead to profits like you see on this page…

…instead of yet another day with frustration with nothing to show for.

We know this because we are in close interactions with our 40,000+ subscribers…

And today, on this page, we will reveal to you the exact method that not only you can use to

build a 5-figure business per month fast…

…but also, it will allow you to


If you select a HOT “in-demand’ wee little impulse buy a product that’s a proven seller

you will start to make money right away (within a few hours).

And that’s why it’s with a great pleasure that we introduce to you something that will totally

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The Swipe EMPIRE FB Edition is the ULTIMATE file of HOT ‘IN-DEMAND’ PRODUCTS

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Every single product in the Swipe Empire FB Edition is hand-picked from the collection

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Elimination of guesswork instantly tap into a WINNING niche – no more spending

days to find a product that’s proven to sell. Just take one of the swipes and start to generate sales in your business.

The speed of results with a proven product, a proven niche and the exact ad copy that converts

there is no more room for error. Just launch an ad campaign in minutes and get results within a few hours.

Get rid of overwhelm and frustration no more looking for the next “shiny object” in your

inbox or trying hundreds of different ways to make money.

Just pick any of the swipes, launch your campaign and instantly see results.

Scale your profits regardless of whether you are about to make your first sale or 1000th sale

with your “secret weapon” we provide here you can scale your business FAST! Just pick the next

product from the swipe file and start to add them as your cross-sells and upsells.

It’s a proven formula to make more money.

Save time and money understanding what works takes a massive amount of time and resources.

Our swipe file eliminates research and testing – you can just tap into serious profits within a few days.

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And most importantly…


The Swipe Empire FB Edition is not just about showing you winning products.

NO,It will enable you to ‘EMULATE’ the whole PROFIT sequence…

…starting from a product that sells, ad image & ad copy that converts and handing to you on a silver

platter the exact store that’s successfully selling it.

This way your path to serious profits is just down to your ability to copy & paste.



Since this is the early-bird release of the Swipe Empire FB Edition…

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Swipe Empire FB Edition






Your ability to select a reliable product vendor or supplier.

So over the years we have developed a checklist that allows us to INSTANTLY determine whether

a particular vendor is reliable or not.

Today, if you will be one of the first fast action takers, we will include this bonus as part of your

Swipe Empire FB Edition package.




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Swipe Empire FB Edition




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Swipe EMPIRE FB Edition is the ULTIMATE file of HOT ‘IN-DEMAND’ PRODUCTS that are selling like crazy

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